Executive Committee (ExCom)


From Senate By-Laws Article V, Section 2

2.2 The Executive Committee shall delegate to the Standing Committees such tasks as it deems appropriate to each committee's charge as described in Article V, Section 3, herein.

2.3 The Executive Committee shall receive agenda, reports and recommendations from the Standing Committees. The Executive Committee shall review the recommendations and, when it deems necessary, provide advice to the committees before the recommendations are referred to the Academic Senate.

2.4 The Executive Committee shall receive the opinions of faculty members on matters affecting the welfare of the University.

2.5 The Executive Committee shall report on its activities at each meeting of the Academic Senate.

Structure and Functions is a subcommittee of the Executive Committee

Ex Com Membership 2017-2018
Position Incumbent Dept Status
Chair Carmen Works Chem Office
Vice Chair Laura Watt GEP Office
Past Chair Ben Ford Math & Stats Office
Secretary Richard Senghas Anthro Office
Senator Jennifer Mahdavi


Elected by Senate
Senator Damien Wilson Bus Elected by Senate
Statewide Senator Jeffery Reeder Mod Lang Office
President Judy Sakaki   Office
Provost Lisa Vollendorf   Office
Interim VP of Student Affairs Michael Young   Office
VP of A&F Joyce Lopes   Office
Chair, APARC Michael Visser Econ Office
Chair, EPC

Melinda Milligan F 17/
Jenn Lillig S 18

Soc/Chem Offiice
Chair, FSAC Armand Gilinsky Bus Office
Chair, SAC Ron Lopez CALS Office
CFA Chapter President or designee Elaine Newman Math CFA


Structure and Functions


Please see Article V, Section 5 of the Senate by-laws for more information about this committee

S&F Membership 2017-2018
Position School/Area Incumbent Dept Elect Date End of Term method by
Chair Doug Leibinger Music 2017 2018 elected committee
Chair of the Faculty NA Carmen Works Chem 2016 2017 position  
Vice Chair of the Faculty NA Laura Watt GEP 2016 2017 liaision to Ex Com  
Member Arts & Humanities Doug Leibinger Music 2015 2018 elected School
Member Business & Econ Merlin Hanauer Bus 2014 2017 elected School
Member Education Karen Grady Edu 2016 2019 elected School
Member Library vacant Lib     elected Library
Member Science & Technology Tammy Brunk Nursing 2017 2020 elected School
Member Social Sciences Debora Paterniti Sociology 2017 2020 elected School
Member SSP Colleen Mahoney Orientation 2017 2020 elected SSPs