On the Occasion of Katie Dunn's Graduation

The Academic Senate of Sonoma State University

wishes to offer its gratitude and appreciation for Ms. Dunn's contributions to the Senate.

Specifically, we offer our deepest thanks to her for --

  • While a full-time student, assuming full responsibility for the smooth functioning of the Senate office during the transition between Kitty Salsedo and Laurel Holmstrom, a monumental task which she carried out with extraordinary competence;
  • Graciously providing guidance to Laurel as she negotiated the daunting project of organizing the Senate office (See Labors of Hercules: Cleaning the Augean Stables);
  • Tactfully interacting with faculty on all occasions;
  • Showing enthusiastic initiative and creativity for Senate tasks; (See Labors of Hercules: Dealing with the Nine Headed Hydra);
  • Being a completely dependable and an exemplary student assistant in every way;
  • All the while being involved in Student Government, Associated Student Productions, and the Model United Nations program;
  • And modeling at all times what is best about Sonoma State and its Student Body!

The Academic Senate bids Ms. Dunn a very fond farewell and wishes her all the best as she moves on to the Paralegal Program at San Diego State University. We know she will distinguish herself in any endeavor she undertakes. We also know we will miss her.

Presented May 9, 2002