Resolution on the Matter of Richard J. Senghas

Whereas Dr. Richard J. Senghas, Professor of Anthropology, has served two consecutive year-long terms as Chair of the Faculty of Sonoma State University; 

Whereas Dr. Senghas has worked tirelessly to keep communication between faculty and administration collegial during his terms as Chair;

Whereas Dr. Senghas’ finely honed expertise in discourse analysis has served the Senate equally well in parsing the obscure complexities of both CSU system policies and SSU campus practices; and

Whereas Dr. Senghas has endeavored to incorporate the Green Music Center facility and programming into the academic program of the University; and

Whereas Dr. Senghas has taught the Senate that the “c” in “schedule” is silent; and

Whereas Dr. Senghas served on the search committee for a new President, led the Senate during a period when the faculty were preparing for a possible strike, and counseled members of the community on the matter of possible asbestos exposure; and

Whereas Dr. Richard J. Senghas has single-handedly brought hats back in style; and

Whereas Dr. Senghas’ expertise in the linguistics of signed languages enabled him to interpret and deconstruct senators’ eye rolls and arm crossing from across the Student Center Ballroom;

Therefore be it

Resolved, that the Academic Senate of Sonoma State University express its highest regard to our colleague and generous leader for all of his contributions; and be it further

Resolved, that the members of the Academic Senate look forward to ongoing contributions from Dr. Richard J. Senghas to the life of the University.

Approved by acclamation May 12, 2016