Resolution on 1982-83 Allocation for Department Chairmanships

(AS/Fir/Dickemann, Harris, Poe, Silver)

Whereas the role of the department chairman is critical in the internal administration of departmental instructional and personnel matters, and in the external relations of the discipline with other campus units and with off-campus individuals and organizations; and

Whereas the projected SSU budget provides for academic administrative positions in support of such chairmanships (11.1 at 4000 FTE); and

Whereas the fiscal necessity for layoffs has no budgetary relation to the reorganization of our department structure; and

Whereas both the administration and the Academic Senate have previously expressed their commitment to the full allocation of the designated positions to such chairmen;

Now therefore be it

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirms its commitment to the full utilization of all available positions in support of the department chairmen; and be it further

Resolved that the Academic Senate call on the President likewise to reaffirm his commitment to the full utilization of this allocation for the support of department chairmen.

Passed unanimously by the Senate, November 19, 1981