Resolution On The Matter of Chairman Robert F. Brown

Whereas, having inherited from his immediate predecessor a tradition of factious verbosity and a situation of riotous potential; and

Whereas, having ever been devoted to the defense of the just rights of the individual, wherever and whenever threatened but most especially to the defense of his colleague, the illustrious faculty of Sonoma State University; and

Whereas, having never preferred conflict and contention, yet ever been willing to do battle on behalf of principle and procedure, even unto the last jot and title of Title V; and

Whereas, having sharpened both tongue and pen to that impartial cutting edge necessary to the occasion, and having acquired a skill with gavel and memo not only essential but masterful; and

Whereas, having led us, with these motives and by these means, through the thorny thickets of dissension and contention, confusion, delusion and disillusion, toward a more forceful assertion of our rights and a more effective assumption of our responsibilities;

Therefore we do now hereby resolve:

That Bob Brown, Chairman of the Academic Senate for the year 1981 -1982, be declared:

Leader Extraordinaire
Hors de Concours and Hors de Combat

Robert Coeur de Lion

Approved May 27, 1982