Resolution in Support of Sonoma State University Participation in the Open Educational Resources Adoption Incentive Program of the College Textbook Affordability Act of 2015


RESOLVED: that The Academic Senate of Sonoma State University supports and encourages CSU faculty to consider using high-quality, low cost or no cost, accessible textbook alternatives (also known as “Open Educational Resources”); to reduce the cost of textbooks and supplies for students; and

RESOLVED: that the Structure and Functions subcommittee establish an ad-hoc working group to develop in collaboration with students and campus administration a specific plan as requested in Assembly Bill 798 to compete for grant funding allocated to the CSU by the bill; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That the ad-hoc working group present to the Academic Senate Executive Committee the plan for approval, and that the approved plan then be sent as an Information Item to the Senate as a whole.

Approved by the Senate 3/3/16