Whereas, The overwhelrning majority of faculty members maintain a minimum three-day schedule on campus, and

Whereas, While much faculty work is indeed done after hours off campus, nevertheless teaching, advising, and self~governance responsibilities can be adequately met only if faculty members allot appropriate amounts of on-camDus time for these activities; and

Whereas, The President’s Commission on Planning and Priorities, having concluded its two-year study of academic quality and planning, has recommended, as a minimum three~day-per-week, on-campus schedules for full-time faculty (cp. page 10, Section 1, of the Commission’s second-year report); now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED: That henceforth it shall be the policy of the college that full-time faculty be on campus at least three days per week during regular semesters for on-campus activities, to include classes, regular office hours, and participation in faculty governance (department meetings, committee meetings, etc.); and be it further

RESOLVED: That individual departments assume responsibility for implementing this policy.

Proposed by
Executive Committee

Approved by the Academic Senate on February 9, 1978