Senate Budget Subcommittee Reports of AY 2012-2013

Dear Colleagues,

We are posting a series of documents resulting from the year-long project by the Senate Budget Subcommittee to solicit faculty input on and discussion of SSU’s budget issues in the changing structure of state resource allocation to higher education. The report posted here was provided to the Academic Senate on Thursday, February 21st, and represents a brief summary of the November 30, 2012 “Budget Discussions” event in which many of you participated. Additional files posted here are more extended versions of the comments generated at that event, combined with earlier input from campus department chairs. As you can see, the topics of these discussions were framed in terms of three key questions: What would faculty like to be doing to either generate revenue or save money? What are we already doing along these lines, and are these efforts sustainable? What is getting in the way of making these kinds of efforts, or what is needed to make these efforts succeed?

The Senate Budget Subcommittee is looking for any additional input, comment, or suggestions along these lines, especially from faculty who were unable to participate in the earlier events. The February 2013 report is designed to generate discussion by laying out what some of our colleagues have suggested, key issues they have identified, and ideas they have for creating a sustainable budgetary environment for the university. Please let us know what you think of these ideas, and any other suggestions you would like to make. You can send your comments to me, as Faculty Chair, at . And thanks very much for your time and thought on such an important matter.

Margie Purser

Recommendations to the Senate May 9, 2013

Report to the Senate on 2/21/13

PowerPoint presentation given at the 3/7/13 Senate meeting

Table given with Senate presentation

Budget Discussion Event of November 30, 2012


Ways to Generate Money

Ways to Save Money

What is Working

What is Getting in the Way