After Hours Advice Line

The Student Health Center is open for full services M-F from 8 am to 5:00 pm excluding campus holidays and closures.  If you have health symptoms or concerns, please make every effort to contact the Student Health Center at 707 664-2921 during regular operating hours so we can assist you.

If you are currently a regularly  enrolled SSU student and an after-hours medical situation develops that can’t wait until the Health Center is open, you may call our After Hours Nurse Advice Line, at 877-297-2343.   Identify yourself as a Sonoma State University student and give your full name, birth date and Student ID number.  A Registered Nurse will assist you with how to approach your medical situation while we are closed. You may also choose to contact or visit an urgent care clinic, emergency room, your off campus medical provider, or other healthcare setting at your own expense.