Student Health Advisory Committee Activities and Accomplishments

These vary from year to year based on the priorities & choices of SHAC members.

One of SHAC’s greatest accomplishments took place as a result of the budget crisis that shook California in the 1990’s. At that time, SSU nearly eliminated funding for Health Center services to students. SHAC helped craft and support a cost effective per-semester fee mechanism that preserved health services for students at SSU and indirectly throughout the CSU system.

SHAC continues to contribute the enhancement of health services by:

  • Giving feedback about student perceptions of Student Health Center operations and about campus health issues.
  • Hosting open forums to facilitate student in-put;
  • Critiquing SHC forms and handouts;
  • Evaluating student
  • Suggesting topics for Health Center review or health education outreach.
  • Conducting satisfaction surveys
  • Surveying students about health issues such as smoking policy, etc.

SHAC helps students learn about the health services available to them by:

  • Taking time to learn the details of Student Health Center operations and goals
  • Meeting and sharing perspectives with SHC staff
  • Writing articles for the student newspaper;
  • Making presentations and announcements in classes;
  • Doing outreach at club fairs, Seawolf Decision Day, Big night, club and service fairs; etc.
  • Tabling events and informal discussions with peers
  • Making suggestions about the SHC web page and the content of new student orientation presentations.

SHAC helps enhance the health and wellbeing of SSU students through educational and service-focused outreach activities (often with a fun and interactive flair). Examples include:

  • Big Nite Fall 2014
  • Marrow donor drives
  • Safe Medicine Disposal
  • Great American Smoke-Out
  • World AIDs Day & HIV testing
  • Valentine’s Day focus on healthy relationships and safer sex
  • Earth week focus on cigarette butt related environmental toxins - “no butts day”
  • Handling publicity, intake, patient flow, etc. for flu shot clinics;
  • A Stress Less fair as finals approach
  • American Cancer Society Relay for life
  • Senior Sendoff– healthy outreach to soon to be launched SSU graduates.
  • Collaborations with other groups on campus
  • Spreading the word about the Student Health Advisory Committee
  • Other activities that vary from year to year based on the suggestions and choices of the SHAC membership.