SHAC Bylaws

Article I. Name and Purpose

  1. The name of this Sonoma State University Committee/Club is the Student Health Advisory Committee, also known as SHAC
  2. The purpose of SHAC shall be:
    1. To serve as a student advisory group to the Student Health Center (SHC), VP for Student Affairs and the campus President
    2. To assist the SHC in promoting the health and well-being of SSU students, including offering a student perspective on facilitating and enhancing Student Health Center services
    3. To inform SSU students about SHC services and provide outreach on campus health issues
    4. To serve as liaison between the Student Health Center, SSU students, and campus entities whose policies or programs may impact the health of SSU students and/or campus health services
    5. To obtain, review, and evaluate information regarding the health concerns and healthcare needs of SSU students and share this information with the SHC
    6. To provide a student perspective on scope of service, service delivery, funding, student satisfaction, and other issues relating to SSU health services for students
    7. While SHAC has important advisory committee functions, it is also chartered as a campus club in order to enhance student involvement and resources

Article II. Membership

  1. Regularly enrolled SSU students shall constitute the primary membership.
  2. SHAC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship, creed, economic status, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, or age.
  3. Membership criteria shall be consistent with CSU Board of Trustees Policy on Student Health Services and SSU student organization guidelines.
  4. Members must comply with University Policies including those on Student Conduct, Hazing, Alcohol, and Nondiscrimination. Policies are posted on the SSU Website at
  5. SHAC members and advisors shall collaborate with Associated Students, and other campus groups, departments, and organizations to solicit nominations and appoint new members within 30 days of the start of each academic year, and preferably sooner.
    1. The Associated Students, Inc. (to include one elected ASI Officer to serve as the Vice-Chair of SHAC plus a second ASI a member appointed by the AS). The ASI is expected to also appoint additional members to SHAC from the general student body.
    2. SSU Residence Halls student organization
    3. SSU Department of Nursing or Nursing Club
    4. SSU Pre-Health Professions Club
    5. SSU Department of Kinesiology
    6. SSU Greek Council
    7. SSU Intercollegiate Athletics and/or recreational sports programs
    8. SSU multicultural club(s) or organization(s)
    9. SSU students from non-majority populations (i.e. re-entry, GLBT, disabled, etc.)
    10. Members-At-large: up to five SSU students to comprise a total of 14 “formal voting members” from constituencies 1-10 above.
    11. General Membership: all other members not representing one of the above constituencies ( See item J. for details.
  6. “Formal voting members” vote on significant policy or financial issues. All other issues including the election of officers may be decided by informal vote or consensus of the membership.
  7. If no student has been nominated or come forward to fill a “formal voting member” position, within four weeks of the beginning of Fall semester, existing SHAC membership may, by consensus convert the category’s position to an additional "at large" position.
  8. Officers and other members with voting status must stay in touch with current issues by regular attendance at SHAC meetings. When attendance is not possible, the member should notify the SHAC Chair or a SHC advisor to SHAC in advance, read meeting minutes, and discuss relevant aspects with SHAC officers &/or advisors verbally or by e-mail.
  9. General membership is in addition to “formal voting student membership”:
    1. General membership is open to all regularly enrolled SSU students.
    2. New general members may be added to the committee at anytime by consensus.
    3. General student members may participate in all SHAC activities and discussions, but do not have a formal vote on policy statements or bylaws revisions.
    4. Vacancies in formal voting membership resulting from non-participation or resignation, or in a category may be filled from the general student membership by consensus.
  10. Non-student participants or attendees – nonvoting:
    1. SHC advisors:
      1. The SHC Director or designee –advisor.
      2. A member from the SHC staff appointed by the SHC Director – as a co-advisor.
    2. At the discretion of SHAC students, a faculty member nominated and approved by the membership and SHC Director for a term of up to two years—renewable.
    3. Invited guests

Article III. Meetings and Officers

  1. Regular Meetings:
    1. The Student Health Advisory Committee shall conduct business in open public meetings.
    2. Meetings will be held at least four times per semester. A meeting schedule will be determined by the Chair in consultation with the membership, and posted at the beginning of each semester.
    3. Additional meetings may be called at the request of the Chair, Vice-Chair, SHC Director, SHC advisor, or at the request of 5 or more SHAC members. The membership must be notified in advance of special meetings. (e-mail or phone message o.k.)
    4. The first meeting shall be called no later than 30 days from the start of the academic year, The membership roster need not be complete by the time of the first meeting.
    5. An agenda should be posted in the SHC and distributed by email in advance of each meeting.
  2. Officers and duties - Elected: Each SHAC officer must be a student member of SHAC and be elected by the membership. Officers must be SSU students carrying 6 or more undergraduate units or 3 or more graduate units and must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average. The Chair and Treasurer may not have earned 150 units or 125% of the total units needed for graduation, whichever is higher. The Officers listed below will constitute the SHAC Officers Board and share responsibility for effective SHAC operations. In addition to the duties listed below, each of these officers shall undertake such other duties as the Committee may direct.
    1. Chairperson
      1. The Chairperson shall be a student member of SHAC elected by the membership.
      2. The Chair shall call and preside over SHAC meetings.
      3. The Chair shall prepare an agenda in advance of each meeting in consultation with the Vice-Chair, other officers, SHAC membership, and SHC advisors.
      4. The Chair, Secretary, Events Coordinator and Officer at Large shall co-ordinate phone, e mail or text message reminders to members prior to each meeting and/or designated event.
      5. The Chair or designee shall ensure that annual club chartering meetings are attended and annual chartering paperwork is submitted on time.
      6. The Chair shall have Org Sync privileges and coordinate Org Sync Communications with members and other SSU clubs and organizations.
      7. The Chair shall appoint sub-committees in consultation with the membership.
      8. The Chair shall appoint an interim Secretary/Treasurer, pending the election of a new Secretary and Treasurer, should this office and the Officer at Large position prior to the completion of the elected incumbent's term.
      9. The Chair is authorized to co-sign checks from the SHAC account in collaboration with the Treasurer.
    2. Vice-Chair
      1. The Vice Chair shall be an elected A. S. and serve as a liaison between SHAC and the A.S.
      2. The Vice Chair shall attend SHAC meetings and assist the Chair.
      3. The Vice-Chair shall serve as the Chair in the absence of the Chair.
      4.  The Vice-Chair shall collaborate with the Chair and the membership to develop meeting agendas and help determine SHAC priorities.
      5. The Vice-Chair monitors the SHAC club box, and regularly brings items to the attention of the Chair and SHAC membership.
    3. Secretary
      1.  The Secretary shall attend SHAC meetings and keep minutes of all meetings.
      2.  The Secretary shall distribute minutes within 7 days of each meeting as follows: post on the SHAC bulletin board in the Health Center lobby; send directly to the Health Center Director, co-advisor; arrange for posting on the SHAC website; and send to the membership by e-mail and/or hardcopy at the next meeting.
      3. The Secretary shall be responsible for the correspondence and record keeping of SHAC.
      4. The Secretary, Chair, Events Coordinator, & Officer at Large shall co-ordinate phone Org
      5. Sync and email or text message reminders to members before meetings or designated events.
      6. The Secretary shall assume the duties of the Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer.
      7. The duties of the Secretary and Treasurer may be combined into a single position.
    4.  Treasurer
      1. The Treasurer shall attend SHAC meetings and be responsible for the budget and financial transactions of SHAC.
      2. The Treasure shall keep financial records and report financial status to the membership at least twice per year.
      3. The Treasurer shall maintain current knowledge of club access to A.S. resources and funding mechanisms, and coordinate SHAC funding proposals to the Associated Students Office.
      4. The Treasurer shall have Org Sync privileges and help coordinate Org Sync Communicationswith SHAC members and other SSU clubs and organizations.
      5. The Treasurer is authorized to co-sign checks from the SHAC account in collaboration with the Chair.
      6. The Treasurer may assume the duties of the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary.
      7. The Treasurer and secretary may be combined into a single position.
    5. Events Coordinator
      1. The Events Coordinator shall attend in general SHAC and Board meetings.
      2. The Events Coordinator, Chair, Secretary, and Officer at Large shall co-ordinate and accomplish telephone and email or text message reminders to members prior to each meeting and/or designated event.
      3. The Events Coordinator will collaborate with other SHAC officers, members and advisors to
        organize sign-ups, venues, and materials for SHAC events, coordinate event publicity, and co-ordinate activities and projects with other clubs and organizations as appropriate.
    6.  Officer at Large
      1. The Officer at Large shall attend SHAC general and board meeting and serve in place of any
      2. officer who is absent except as otherwise specified above.
      3. The Officer at Large shall undertake other duties as the Chair/elected officers may direct.
      4. Appointed Positions:  Other positions may be appointed by a consensus of the elected officers as needed to fulfill specific functions (e.g.  Publicity, Web page).


  1. Election of the SHAC Officers will take place during the last 6-8 weeks of the Spring semester or within the first 4 weeks of the Fall semester.
  2. The name of any SHAC member in good standing may become a candidate.
  3. The term of office shall be one year (or two years by consensus of the SHAC membership).
  4. Officers may succeed themselves by re-election.
  5. Due notice must be given of elections.
  6. Election of officers shall be by simple majority.
  7. Elected officers may be replaced for persistent non-participation.
  8. Special elections may be called to replace a vacancy or a replacement may be selected by consensus.


  1. Amendments and revisions to these Bylaws may be introduced at any regular SHAC meeting.
  2. Revisions must be consistent with CSU Policies for Clubs and Organizations.
  3. Due notice must be given of any proposed revision vote.
  4.  A copy of any amended or revised bylaws signed by the SHAC chair should be sent to the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement, and Service.