Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Health Advisory Committee(S.H.A.C)?

SHAC is an official student group that serves as an advisory, liaison, and outreach bridge between SSU students and the Student Health Center (SHC). The purpose is to promote the health and wellbeing of the campus community and enhance the quality of services available to students.

What does SHAC actually do?

SHAC gathers and evaluates information about student perceptions of Student Health Center programs using surveys, forums, meetings, and other communications and uses this to assist, advise and publicize the SHC and its services. SHAC also provides a student perspective on campus-wide health issues and is involved in campus outreach projects such as flu shot clinics, marrow donor drives, etc. Click here to for more information on SHAC’s activities and accomplishments.

What if I’m more interested in the advisory role of SHAC that in health outreach projects?

Members attend regular SHAC meetings to provide student commentary and feedback. They also brainstorm potential outreach projects. Members participate in outreach efforts in accordance with their individual time schedules and degree of interest in a particular project. They are assisted by a SHC nurse who is also a SHAC advisor. They sometimes partner with other student groups such as the Pre-health Professions club, Recreation Center, an intercultural club, etc.

Is SHAC a Committee or a Club?

SHAC is both. Its primary role is as an advisory committee charged with enhancing communication between students and the Student Health Center. This role is considered so important by the California State University system that it is specifically mentioned in the CSU Trustee Policy on Student Health Services, and the Associated Students Senate has a role in appointing some of SHAC’s members. Next is its important involvement in peer health promotion and outreach activities. SHAC members also charter as a campus club in order to be eligible for funding, services, and networking opportunities available to all chartered SSU clubs.

Are there any special requirements to be a member of SHAC?

Membership is open to all interested regularly enrolled SSU students. Some membership positions are designed to ensure lines of communication with particular student populations, while other member-at-large and general membership positions don’t have this requirement. See the SHAC By-laws for a more detailed description of this topic.

When and where does SHAC meet?

SHAC meetings typically take place during the regular academic year from noon to 12:50 pm every other Thursday in the Student Health Center Conference Room #175. Additional Officers meetings or sub-group project meetings are scheduled as needed.

Can I come to a meeting if I’m not a member?

All SHAC meetings are open. All interested SSU students are welcome to attend. See the Calendar of Meetings and Events for the current SHAC meeting schedule.

What if I have a class or am working during the regular meeting time?

We realize that student schedules are busy and can change from semester to semester. Student members Who have conflicts with a particular semester’s meeting schedule can follow SHAC activities on-line through Org Sync announcements as well as email notices of meeting agendas and minutes. Agendas and minutes are also be posted on the SHAC website. Some students who can’t make the regular meetings during a particular semester participate in SHAC health outreach projects that do work with their schedule. Elected Officers should plan on attending regular meetings during their term.