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Businesses, organizations, departments and companies are not
allowed to create profile Pages. A program or department that creates
a profile page is in direct violation of Facebook's terms of service. Check out this short Prezi to learn the differences between Facebook organization Pages, Groups, individual Pages, and community Pages.


Facebook Pages are for organizations, departments, clubs, companies and businesses. Pages communicate broadly with people who "like" them. Pages may be created and managed only by official representatives of the department, division or program. Page owners do not have to approve new "likes."


Facebook Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion.Check out this short Prezi to learn the differences between Facebook organization pages, groups, individual pages, and community pages.

See the full transcript.


Name the page to clearly and concisely identify your page. Do not name the page in a way that might be confused with a page representing the entire university or any other Sonoma State University program. Check out the Follow SSU page to see what other campus groups are on Facebook, or use Facebook's search function.

Add the institution name "Sonoma State University," or "SSU" before your unit name, e.g., "Sonoma State Alumni Association," not "Alumni Association, Sonoma State" or simply "Alumni." If necessary, an em dash (long dash) can separate the institution and unit names.

Correct usages might include:


Attach YouTube video links right to a post, so the video is available for viewing directly on the Facebook page. Post photos to the page through Facebook photos and tag the official Sonoma State University page. By tagging it, followers of the University page will be able to view images and more traffic will be directed to a department's page.


It is fine to repost information on Facebook from Twitter and other media, but be sure to reword the post and remove hashtags. Try to put a different spin on the story.


Tag people in posts--other colleges, people, etc.--with the hope that they will repost as well. Tag other users, pages, or events by using "@NAME" in your post.

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