It's All in the Timing

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This infographic reports what the authors believe are best times and days for posting to specific social media channels. Your experience with your followers may be different. Be aware that there are no set rules for best and worst days and times; it really depends on your page and followers.

Check your page statistics often to fine tune your content so you can post updates that resonate the most with your followers and their connections. You can track your engagement on posts based on day and time. Check your page analytics for these numbers. You can use an editorial calendar to help you track how much attention your posts attract.


Remember to consider your followers' time. Make sure to leave time in between posts to avoid cannibalizing the reach of the previous posts. If your followers are students, they might not want to engage during busy school hours. There may also be special events on campus that many students are planning to attend. Perhaps it is more appropriate to wait until lunchtime or until evening when they have time to look at posts. If a chunk of your followers are at a concert or play, they will not be paying attention to you. Wait until after the event to increase the chances of them seeing your content.

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