Dr. Susan Rahman

  • Lecturer in Sociology
  • PhD, Human Science, Saybrook University, Oakland CA

Contact Information

Email: susan.rahman@sonoma.edu
Voicemail: 707.664.2561
Fax: 707.664.3920
Office: Stevenson 2084

Areas of Expertise:

Social Justice, Sociology of Gender, Privilege and Inequality, Mass Media, Globalization, Qualitative Methods, Social Psychology

Academic Interests:

Susan Rahman holds both a BA and MA in Sociology with an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Human Science that cuts across multiple social science disciplines. Teaching in Sociology since 2007, her research centers around women living under military occupation and how this intersects with other facets of everyday life. This research took her to the West Bank in 2014, where she interviewed women of resistance. Dr. Rahman is currently studying the impact of social activism on young adults and serves as the faculty advisor for the students for social justice at the College of Marin. When she is not teaching full-time at College of Marin, she advocates for equity in her work with Project Censored and the Zero Textbook Cost Initiative. Susan’s other areas of interest include gender studies with an emphasis on deconstructing the gender binary and student empowerment through media literacy.

Courses Offered:

  • SOCI 345: Sociology of Family

Selected Presentations and Publications:

  • Rahman, Susan A. et al. 2016. “Deja Vu: Strolling Down Memory Hole Lane.” Pp. 111–148 in Censored 2017: Media Freedom on the Line, edited by Andy Lee Roth and Mickey Huff. New York: Seven Stories Press.
  • Dimopoulos, Eliana, and Susan A. Rahman. 2016. “Universal Design as a Framework for Service Learning and Social Justice.” Pp. 216-219 in Censored 2017: Media Freedom on the Line, edited by Andy Lee Roth, and Mickey Huff. New York: Seven Stories Press.
  • Rahman, Susan A. 2015. To Resist is to Exist: Voices of the Women of Palestine. Amazon Digital Services LLC. ASIN: B010RF8JM8
  • Rahman, Susan A. 2015. “How Palestinian Women Defy Israel's Occupation.” News | Al Jazeera, October 30. (http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2015/10/palestinian-women-defy-israel-occupation-151029062324106.html).
  • Dorabshi, Tara and Susan A. Rahman. 2015. “Makers of Memory: Women in Occupied Palestine and Kashmir.” jaggerylit. (http://jaggerylit.com/makers-of-memory-women-in-occupied-palestine-and-kashmir/).