The C. Wright Mills Award for Sociological Imagination

The Mills Award is bestowed on an annual basis for the most outstanding original student research paper. To be eligible, papers must have been written within the academic year for an upper division SSU Sociology course by a Sociology Major or Minor. Papers may be revised prior to submission.

Submissions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

(1) Creativity and imagination in the conduct of inquiry;
(2) Significance of theme and the clarity with which it is stated;
(3) Logical precision, methodological rigor, theoretical frame; and, where relevant,
(4) Sampling adequacy, good measurement, and proper data analysis.

2018-2019 C. Wright Mills Award Recipeint & Honorable Mention

Congratulations to Scott Berger, winner of this year's C. Wright Mills award for best undergraduate sociology paper titled A Veterans Identity: The Star at the Top of the Tree.

Congratulations to Jessy McGibbons, receiving honorable mention, for her paper titled Shopping for Attention: Emotional Economy Among Consumers in a Public Marketplace

C. Wright Mills Application