Recent Publications

A sample of recently published work as featured in the Summer 2014 Edition of the School of Social Sciences Newsletter.

Matthew Clark - Geography

Álvarez-Berrios, N., Redo, D., Aide, T.M., Clark, M.L., and Grau, H.R. (2013). Land change in the Greater Antilles between 2001 and 2010, Land, 2(2), 81-107.

Bonilla-Moheno, M., Redo, D.J., Aide, T.M., Clark, M.L., and Grau, H.R. (2013). Differences in vegetation change among land tenure regimes in Mexico: a country-wide analysis. Land Use Policy, 30(1), 355-364.

James Joseph Dean - Sociology

James Joseph Dean’s book Straights: Heterosexuality in Post-Closeted Culture was released in August. A fascinating study, Straights provides an in-depth look at the changing nature of sexual expression in America. Dean provides a historical understanding of heterosexuality and how it was first established, then moves on to examine the changing nature of masculinity and femininity and, most importantly, the emergence of a new kind of heterosexuality—notably, for men, the metrosexual, and for women, the emergence of a more fluid sexuality.

Michelle Goman - Geography

Goman, M., Joyce, A. A, Mueller, R., and Middleton, W., Reconstructing the Formation and Land Use History of the Mound 2 Depression at Río Viejo, Oaxaca, Mexico, Quaternary International. 10.1016/j.quaint.2014.02.028

Mike Hooper - Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies

"Acknowledging Existence of a Fourth Era of Policing:  The Information Era," Journal of Forensic Research and Crime Studies (2014).

Karin Jaffe - Anthropology

Karin Jaffe received a Captive Care Grant from the International Primatological Society for "An applied ethological study of the potential for former laboratory squirrel monkeys to be successfully retired to the San Francisco Zoo". This project is documenting the behavior of an all-male group of squirrel monkeys acquired from a biomedical facility and currently housed at the San Francisco Zoo. In the past, such monkeys were euthanized because zoos are reluctant to take them due to their reputation for aggression, injury, and death. In collaboration with the San Francisco Zoo squirrel monkey keeper and the Vice President of Animal Behavior, students in the Sonoma State University Primate Ethology lab have been studying the monkeys with the short-term goal of better understanding how to manage this group, and the long-term goal of educating other zoos about how to successfully house former laboratory squirrel monkeys so that 'retirement' at zoos becomes an alternative to euthanasia.

Lena McQuade - Women’s & Gender Studies

Lena McQuade-Salzfass, “An Indispensable Service”: Midwives and Medical Officials after New Mexico Statehood," in Precarious Prescriptions: Contested Histories of Race and Health in North America, edited by Laurie B. Green, John Mckiernan-González, and Martin Summers. University of Minnesota Press, 2014.

Heather Smith - Psychology

Chris Goode (SSU alum), and Rhonda Balzarini (SSU alum)
Goode, C., Balzarini, R. & Smith, H.J. (in press). Positive Peer Pressure: Priming Member Prototypicality Can Decrease Undergraduate Drinking. Journal of Applied Social Psychology. (Chris and Rhonda are SSU alums who are pursuing PhDs in social psychology.)

Laura Watt - Environmental Studies & Planning

Laura A. Watt together with former CRM Masters graduate Ellen Joslin Johnck, has published "The Bay Area's Solar Salt Industry: An Unintended Conservationist," in the summer 2014 issue of the journal California History.  The research for this article began before Watt was hired at SSU, while she was working as an environmental consultant in San Francisco, and it explores both the history of the salt industry itself, its consolidation in the 1920s and 30s under the single corporate name of Leslie Salt, and the current transformation of some of those historic salt ponds through a huge tidal marsh restoration project.  Ironically, the use of the land for salt production maintained it as an open and relatively undeveloped landscape has kept it available for ecological renewal--and the article concludes by observing that restoration is actually not a return to some primordial natural state, but a continuation of a series of human modifications to the bay's shoreline that reflect the values and goals of the time.

Adam Zagelbaum - Counseling

Zagelbaum, A. (2014). School counseling and the student athlete: College, career, identity, and culture. New York: Routledge.
Zagelbaum, A., Kruczek, T., Alexander, C., & Crethar, H. (2014). Where are we now? An updated review of the school counseling literature for trends and themes. Journal of School Counseling, 12