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Punt political pundits
Laurel Carman, A & E Editor

It can happen anywhere: on the street, while driving, on the Internet, basically any area where human interaction takes place. It happens in an instant and is often so quick that we don’t have time to stop it. Our opinion of people has the ability to change immediately as soon as we learn about their political beliefs.

I am guilty of this to the tenth degree. I have had friends whom I have known for years, until I found out whom they vote for. It’s sad, and quite frankly a little evil, that when given this knowledge, I begin to like them a little bit less.

The crazy thing is I believe that everyone has the right to their own voice, and whether I think that they are complete morons is beside the point, everyone has the right to express it.

It appears that celebrities get the brunt of this phenomenon. Political pundits actually blamed Ben Affleck as a contributor to John Kerry’s loss. The Dixie Chicks still refuse to talk to Toby Keith and some people won’t go see Jane Fonda movies because of something she said thirty years ago.

Every celebrity has their right to say what they want, but they should be aware that by saying their beliefs some of their fans are not going to like it.

We have come to hold celebrities to such a high standard, never allowing them to falter. Just because we call them stars doesn’t mean that is actually what they are. What’s worse than those average Americans worship the celebrities are those celebrities that put beliefs out there that are not their own.

The largest example of this was in the aftermath of 9/11. Our television screens were bombarded with celebrities asking us to donate our money for a cause that happened to be in fashion. Think about, if they really wanted to help, they could have donated millions of their own money privately and accomplished the same thing.

Of course that isn’t what they are going to do though. They want the free publicity. Just think of those plastic bracelets that everyone wears, like the Lance Armstrong one.

After the success Armstrong had, so many celebrities put their name to different bracelets and different causes. The “ONE” bracelet alone had to of hade at least twenty different stars in the advertisement.

Now if each one of those millionaires donated 1/10, heck, even 1/20 of what they are worth, it would have been more that what that bracelet made them. Think of the cost of production and advertisements. When you factor those in and count that as a donation to the cause, and add the celebrity’s money, I know that the amount would have been similar.

A more recent example is the telethon last Sunday that raised money for the victims of the hurricane. Did the American public really need Green Day, Tim McGraw, Leonrado DiCaprio and Harry Connick Jr. to tell them to donate money? People know how to donate money in times of distress.

All these shows really do is create a feeling of animosity and leads to a lack of authenticity. I doubt whether all these famous people really care about the people suffering in the south, or do they just want more screen time to aid their deteriorating careers.

If the average person is unaware of what is going on in the world, would she we look at celebrities any differently. Tom Cruise is the latest star to shoot off his mouth in a very public way, which is fine. It’s totally fine that he is alienating him self to the media and that a lot of his facts are misconstrued or pure figments of his imagination. That is his choice.

However, when I hear others start to quote him, or other such people, I go back to my old way of not liking them anymore.

The worst of all these celebrities to scream their opinions to the point of making others feel less than human are the political pundits on shows like “Crossfire” or “Meet the Press.” All they do is get in to arguments of he said she said and spout fact less opinions. People that quote their mistruths are worse than the people who actually go on those loud, obnoxious shows.

What makes many of them experts? Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh are both college dropouts. Limbaugh, who called President Clinton a draft dodger, got out of military service by having a cyst on but.

Maybe if people would actually take the time to formulate their own opinions about issues or concepts instead of constantly regurgitating someone else’s, I would be able to respect them. They would be authentic in their debates.

I love to debate people who have completely opposite views than mine, but to often than not, these debates get thrown out by the other person solely refusing to listen. Listen to other people.

If everyone just took the time to ignore the outside voices and listened to their own, than people could create their own arguments. And after all, is the idea of listening to others really such a bad idea? Maybe listening to the self first is the only way that we can begin to listen to others.


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