About the CIRP

Each year, hundreds of two-year colleges, four-year colleges and universities administer the CIRP (Cooperative Institutional Research Program) Freshman Survey to hundreds of thousands of entering students prior to their arrival on campus in the Fall.

The survey covers a wide range of student characteristics: parental income and education, ethnicity, and other demographic items; financial aid; secondary school achievement and activities; educational and career plans; and values, attitudes, beliefs, and self-concept.

Sonoma State administers the CIRP Survey to all incoming first time freshmen. It is through the data we collect in surveys such as this, that Sonoma State is better able to tailor the educational experience of each incoming class to its own unique needs, concerns and expectations.

When can I expect to take the CIRP?

The CIRP Survey is delivered online and you will receive email communication regarding taking the CIRP in early Spring, likely in March, though the testing window is yet to be determined.

It is important that you adjust your email settings to add the following email to your approved senders list:


This should then allow emails coming the CIRP's email distribution service to come through your bulk or junk mail screening processes. Otherwise, the emails may be routed directly to the bulk or junk email folder without ever reaching the intended survey respondents.

Thank You!

Sonoma State thanks you in advance for your time and effort in taking this important survey. Please know that your responses will assist us in creating a more enriching educational experience for you personally, and will help Universities across the nation come to a better understanding of what is important to the incoming freshmen class of 2017.

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