Sonoma State University Respondent Services

Sonoma State University
Division of Student Affairs
3020 Student Center

The Respondent Services Coordinator, housed in the Division of Student Affairs, provides a neutral, unbiased contact for any student responding to a Judicial Affairs case that may result in suspension or dismissal from the University or to any Title IX case. These charges may involve sexual, behavioral or academic misconduct. The purpose of Respondent services is to ensure that students who are engaged in the conduct process of a Title IX investigation are informed of the process they are involved in and receive support in coordinating resources and referrals.

Respondent Services is not affiliated with the Office of Title IX or the Student Conduct Coordinator and will not have knowledge of the Respondent’s case details. The Respondent Services Coordinator is neutral and unbiased and it is not necessary to share all the details of the incident in question in order to receive services.

If you are a student who has been accused of misconduct that may result in suspension or dismissal or are being investigated for Title IX violations, you may contact the Respondent Services Coordinator for assistance:

Respondent Services Coordinator
Phone: 707-664-2432

Services provided by Respondent Services Coordinator

  1. Connection and referral to campus or community resources for emotional and mental health support.
  2. Review, clarification, assistance in understanding the Sonoma State University Student Conduct Process, the Title IX investigation process and the related Executive Orders and the procedures for responding to alleged violations under these policies.
  3. Review and clarification of interim suspensions or interim exclusions from areas of campus or other restrictions, and referrals to campus offices that may be able to address any concerns.
  4. Assistance with understanding the investigation and adjudication processes.

The Respondent Services Coordinator does not

  1. Advocate on behalf of the Respondent.
  2. Advise the respondent on how best to respond to an investigation or conduct charges.
  3. Provide legal advice or accompany a respondent to any meetings or court appearances related to a campus, criminal or civil case.
  4. Offer confidentiality in the way a licensed counselor or attorney would provide.

For confidential support, please contact:
Counseling and Psychological Services at 707-664-2153 (24 hours), located at Stevenson 1088 (M-F 8am-5pm).