SSU Campus Recreation Earns Sonoma Green Business Certification

The Recreation Center at Sonoma State University is committed to a sustainable model in order to meet our present needs without denying resources to the future. The Campus Recreation mission states "...through the design and operation of our facility, Campus Rec demonstrates a profound commitment to a sustainable society in hopes that we can help pioneer a vision for conservation and energy efficiency." Campus recreation currently utilizes the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) Commission on Sustainability model to educate staff and participants as well as inform business management decisions. Campus Recreation has composed a sustainable business policy statement to outline specific practices and principles that we strive to uphold throughout our operation.

On February 26th, 2014 SSU Campus Recreation was recognized by the Bay Area Green Business Program of Sonoma County with a Green Business Certificate. The certificate recognizes that "Campus Recreation has taken steps beyond compliance to conserve resources and protect the environment in accordance with the Bay Area Green Business Program standards". This recognition comes as a result of the efforts of Pam Su, former Director of Campus Recreation, David Liebman, Campus Rec Sustainability and Outdoor Pursuits Programmer, and ongoing efforts on behalf of past and present staff and students to value sustainability in facilities and operations. Our hope is that through conscious responsible behavior we will live more harmoniously with the ecosystem to which we belong and inspire others to do the same.

The certificate was presented to the Recreation team by Kevin Kumataka, Senior Program Coordinator of the Sonoma County Green Business program on March 25th at one of the Rec Center's weekly student programmers meetings. This certification helps to recognize and reinforce work students put into resource conservation and environmental stewardship where these efforts often do not produce immediate, tangible results. Kevin's presentation of the green business certification was the first step in the education of many programmers at the meeting who were just recently hired by Campus Recreation as well as an excellent piece of ongoing education for many others.

In further efforts toward sustainability education, Campus Recreation has reinstated a Sustainability Programmer student position. David Liebman, who served an Internship as Sustainability Programmer during the Fall of 2013, completed a sustainably audit of Campus Rec in conjunction with the Sonoma Green Business standards review that examined social, environmental and economic aspects of the building, programs and policies. This audit showed that in order to keep up to date with the Green Business Certificate criteria as well as other aspects of the sustainable business policy, Campus Rec would need this position moving forward in order to educate staff and participants. As of April this position is currently open and we are seeking a highly qualified and motivated student to fill this position.

Campus Recreation strives to operate, purchase, and educate others to choose a more sustainable way to work and live. We hope this certification will help us educate students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community about the importance of sustainability and the fact that every person can make a difference. For more information, please visit our Campus Recreation website.