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Founding Documents of the United States on the Web

  1. Virginia Stamp Act Resolution - Approved on May 30, 1765.
  2. Virginia Declaration of Rights - Signed on May 15, 1776.
  3. The Rights of the Colonists - Written by Samuel Adams November 20, 1772
  4. Common Sense - Written by Thomas Paine in 1776
  5. Letters - Written between Abigail Adams and John Adams in 1776.
  6. John Adams' Letter to John Sullivan - Written May 26, 1776.
  7. Declaration of Independence - Written by Thomas Jefferson July 4, 1776.
  8. Slave Petition to the Massachusetts Bay House of Representatives - 1777
  9. Articles of Confederation - Written by John Dickinson and ratified in 1781.
  10. Federalist Papers - Written by Hamilton, Jay, and Madison 1787-88.
  11. Anti-Federalist Papers - Written between 1787 and 1789.
  12. United States Constitution - Written by James Madison and ratified in 1789.
  13. Bill of Rights - Ratified in 1791
  14. American Revolution Documents - A collection from the Library of America.
  15. TAH Document Library - A collection of speeches, documents, and articles.
  16. 100 Milestone Documents - from the National Archives & Records Administration.
  17. The Founders' Constitution - a joint venture of the University of Chicago Press and the Liberty Fund.

Founding Documents
Recommended Sites
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Sources Recommended by TAH Participants and Staff

  1. TAH 3 - Mendocino Lesson Plans - Individual Lesson Plans submitted by TAH 3 - Mendocino participants for their website.
  2. "Are you smart enough to pass third grade? - A timed on-line United States map quiz requiring kids to click and grab a state name and drag it to its location.
  3. Test Your Geographic Knowledge - A collection of map quizes for the continents, countries and regions. There are also capital city tests for Europe, Asia and South America.
  4. Holocaust Center of Northern California - Dedicated to the education, documentation, research, and remembrance of the Holocaust.
  5. Video Placement Worldwide - Offers educational materials FREE to qualified teachers, librarians, media specialists.
  6. Constitution Resources - A great resource on the Constitution with over 300 articles.
  7. The Charter of Freedom - Dozens of fascinating facts about the Constitution and the signers from the National Archives.
  8. Observing Constitution Day: - A simulation game about the writing of the Constitution from the National Archives.
  9. White House Historical Post - "Constitution Day 2006" is the first issue of the White House Historical Association's White House Historical Post e-newsletter. Contains lesson plans, etc.
  10. Teaching With Documents - Lesson Plans from the National Archives.
  11. Jamestown Journey - You'll find lesson plans and other K-12 resources ranging from archeology to social sciences here.
  12. America's 400th Anniversary - This website highlights all the events centering around the 400th year anniversity of Jamestown.
  13. Virginia's First Slaves - "The Mystery of Virginia's First Slaves Is Unlocked 400 Years Later" by Washington Post Staff Writer Lisa Rein.
  14. Constitution Day - a brochure developed by Dr. Margaret Hill through the RIMS Service-Learning Project.
  15. Degree Confluence Project - The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location.
  16. This Month in History Calendar - From the Constitutional Rights Foundation.
  17. History Teachers Net - One of the best resource sites for History teachers on the net.
  18. Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections - Dave Leip's site on Presidental Elections.
  19. EASE History - A great site from Michigan State University featuring over 600 photos and political ads in streaming video.
  20. Election Central - a website that explores the whole electoral process.
  21. History's Happening! - A comprehensive list of "kid-safe" history links.
  22. American Centuries - historic artifacts and documents from New England.
  23. History Works - six core themes of American History.
  24. Library of Congress - Photo Gallery on Japanese Internment.
  25. Watching America - Discover what the world thinks about the U.S."
  26. PowerPoint Palooza - Over 140 PowerPoints for A.P. American History, A.P. European History, and Global Studies.
  27. San Francisco Museum - Exhibit on Japanese Internment.
  28. National Park Service - Manzanar Historic Site.
  29. The Question of Loyalty - a great website with lots of documents and images
  30. Chronology of Japanese Internment - with links to full-text newspaper articles.
  31. Statement on Discriminatory Requirements - Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) on discriminatory Department of Justice regulations.
  32. - State symbols, maps, history, government, etc.
  33. National History Day - information about National History Day.
  34. History Day in California - information about California History Day.
  35. Special Projects - website by TAH participant Hasan Abdul-Malik.
  36. US History Standards Test - Richmond High's Practice CST Test (Word file).
  37. World History Standards Test - Richmond High's Practice CST Test (Word file).
  38. Congress in the Classroom - Online workshop offers non-partisan resources and teaching strategies.
  39. Degree Confluence Project - Nancy Harby sends us this "site for geography nerds."
  40. The Capital on C-SPAN - Join C-SPAN for a special series looking into the history, art and architecture of the United States Capitol.
  41. Flags of Our Ancestors - Contains pictures, brief descriptions and histories of hundreds of historical flags. Topics include: Prussian, English, Early Colonies, American Revolution, Mexican-American War, Civil War, World War I & II, Third Reich, Cold War, and Modern Conflict Flags.

Founding Documents
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  1. Teaching American History - Home Page of the TAH Grant.
TAH Project Sites in California

  1. Project TRADITIONS 2 - Napa Valley Elementary Schools TAH
  2. Teaching American History 3 - Mendocino, Lake & Sonoma County
  3. American History in the Schools - San Diego County Schools TAH
  4. The Area 3 History Project - University of California at Davis TAH
  5. Teaching American History - Fresno Unified School District TAH
  6. Humboldt Teaching American History - Humboldt County TAH
  7. Putting American History Online - Clovis Unified/Fresno County TAH
  8. Del Norte Teaching American History - Del Norte County TAH
  9. History Grows in Oakland - Oakland USD TAH Grant 2
  10. Teaching American History Grant - Los Angeles USD J TAH
  11. The Elizabeth Murray Project - Long Beach TAH
  12. American History Project - This is a Nevada site, but it has some really great lesson plans!
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