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YOU can help the Children's School's finances by signing up for eScrip. Once signed up, an automatic contribution goes to the Children's

  • As a member of the Children’s School Advisory Council (CSAC) become an “Active Advocate” during the year by attending meetings and getting to know the AS Senators and executive officers and letting them know how valuable the program is to you. Putting your heartfelt thoughts in writing is always the most profound acknowledgment.
  • Become involved in fundraising activities with the Parent Council (PC) and encourage others to participate. To raise funds, enroll with eScrip and pick up a community card at your local market. Once you are registered every time you shop donations are made to the Children’s School at no cost to the shopper. Follow the below steps to sign up.

Step 1: Go online to eScrip.com and sign up for:
SSU Children's School Parent Club, eScrip Group ID – 5824735 and register your credit/debits cards to have a percentage of many of your card’s purchases donated.
Step 2: Pick up a community card at your local market (Oliver’s Market in Cotati and Santa Rosa, Petaluma Market in Petaluma, Molsberry Market in Santa Rosa etc.) Support your local market and eScrip and the Children’s School all in one!
Step 3: Let Lia or the eScrip coordinator know you’ve enrolled to get your parent participation credit.

The funds from Parent Club eScrip go into the Children’s School Club and are accessed by Children’s School Club officers for events and supplies during the school year, and instructional materials for the Children’s School.

Sign up flier: http://groups.escrip.com/promo/online_default.pdf
Northern California merchant list: http://www.groups.escrip.com/bts/more_merchants/index.jsp
Oliver's eScrip site: http://www.escrip.com/merchants/identity/olivers/index.jsp