Our Parent Participation Policy

classes ——Sustainability is a community practice——

All members of the community are valued for their participation and support to help us with our sustainability efforts. Parent participation provides a bridge between home and school that enriches all of our experiences together. Families are requested to choose ways to participate in their child's education and care:

  • As a member of the Children's School Advisory Council (CSAC) become an "Active Advocate" during the year by attending meetings and getting to know the AS Senators and executive officers and letting them know how valuable the program is to you.
  • Become involved in fundraising activities with the Children's Parent Council and encourage others to participate. Pick up a community card at a store like Oliver's, register the card online and swipe it every time you shop to give 3% to the Children's School. We have two funds: Use SSU Children's School Parent Club eScrip Group ID - 5824735 and/or Children's School Fund eScrip Group ID #500004309. Register your credit and debit cards through the eScrip website (escrip.com) to have a percentage of all your card's purchases donated.

    The funds from Parent Club eScrip go into the Parent Council fund and used for events and supplies during the school year. These funds are also used for professional development and are accessed by the CS Director.

  • Volunteer at the Children's School for special classroom projects, special events such as the Harvest Faire, A Week of the Young Child Event, and workdays.
  • Donate to our wish list posted on our website and in classrooms at the school.