2015 Tech and Dancers stomp Actors and Theatre Studies 15-14

Winning TeamCelebrate Good Times Student of Year Jake Burke

Year Victor Score/Notes
2016 Tech and Dancers 16-8. Wasn't even close.
2015 Tech and Dancers 15-14. “Two-Shot” Szczotka game winning blast with 2 outs in final inning.
2014 Actors and Theatre Studies Score unkown. Actors 'acted' their way to a win.
2013 Actors and Theatre Studies 10-2
2012 Actors and Friends 8-4
2011 Tech and Dancers 8-7
2010 Tech and Dancers 14-10
2009 Tech and Dancers 8-7
2008 Actors 3-2
2007 Tech and Dancers 15-7, but Draper was on sabbatical, so go figure
2006 Actors 17-5*
2005 Actors 5-0
2004 Actors 8-7
2003 Actors 18-10
2002 Actors Memory still foggy
2001 Tech and Dancers defeated Actors No one remembers the score, but the actors were real bummed.
2000 Tech and Dancers defeated Actors No one remembers the score. Dancers killed!

Games are always on the last day of spring classes in the afternoon. 

Normal equipment is a “Chicago style” 16” softball.  Mitts are permitted, but not required.  We use wood and aluminum softball bats. 

10 persons on the field at a time (short-center fielder added) .

Lots of fun, no hard feelings. 

 *Played under protest because “ringer” boyfriend was allowed to play all 7 innings (because he could actually hit and catch)!