Minor in Theatre Arts and Dance

The minor in theatre arts consists of 24 units of theatre arts courses. Students may choose a minor concentration in acting, dance, technical theatre, or an area of theatre studies. Six of the elective units must be upper division. Students contemplating a minor in theatre arts should consult the department’s full-time faculty at the earliest possible date for approval and advising.

Minor Core Requirements
4 units  THAR 203       Intro to the History of Drama and Dance  
3 units THAR 300        Theatre in Action                                            
3 units of one of the following four courses: 
                        THAR 301 Dance Ensemble or
                        THAR 302 Drama Ensemble Workshop
            THAR 303 Technical Theatre Workshop
                        THAR 304 Production Dramaturgy
There are 10 required units in the minor core.           
(Note:  THAR 240 Choreography I is a core requirement for a Dance Minor emphasis, making a core total of 12 units)

Minor Electives
Electives must include at least 6 upper-division units and should
be chosen in consultation with an advisor. 

For Dance Minor emphasis, students may choose one of the following courses:
            THAR 203 Introduction to History of Drama and
            THAR 371A or 371B History of Dance.

14 elective units are required in the minor (12 in Dance)
24 total units are required to achieve a Minor Degree in Theatre Arts and Dance