Theatre Studies Concentration

For information about the Theatre Studies concentration contact:

Judy Navas, Professor
Ives Hall, Room 53
Director of the Theatre Studies Program
(707) 664-2477


Scott Horstein, Associate Professor
Dramaturgy and Contemporary Theatre
Ives Hall, Room 2
(707) 664-3208

The Sonoma State Theatre Studies program provides equal parts professional theater training and liberal arts education.  Students prepare to pursue theater careers in directing, education, dramaturgy, playwriting, drama therapy, or management, but regardless of specific professional training, the concentration provides the intellectual and academic rigor and imaginative excitement necessary to any liberal arts degree.  Students learn to make theater as a fundamentally collaborative story told among artists and community, and to investigate theater as a site of personal growth, healing, and social change.  The model is the “Renaissance” wo/man who wants to view theatre from a rich vantage point, poised to comment and act in the world.  We believe that this kind of training prepares the student to become the ideal global good citizen, engaged with theater as a means of ritual and democratic conversation, and focused on full inclusion of all cultures and identities.


We aim to:

  1. Provide classroom and production training in how to use genre and form to help conceive a project from text to performance.
  2. Synthesize theory, analysis, and research through dramaturgy, the art of structuring the theater event as a collaboration with the play’s constituents and community. 
  3. Train students to write analytically and clearly about the place and role of the theater event in its community.
  4. Investigate theatrical storytelling as a ritual, mythic medium, as well as a site of social change and political engagement.

We offer:

  • A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre with a Concentration in Theater Studies
  • A wide-ranging curriculum in topics in theatre history, dramatic literature, theater for children, world theater, and issues of cultural, ethnic, and racial identity in theatre
  • A program of study with a rigorous core that at the same time allows students to create a personalized path
  • Numerous opportunities for production dramaturgy on main stage shows
  • A sequence of playwriting courses that provide a small-group, workshop environment
  • An annual new play festival that allows students from across the department to learn about the process of creating new writing
  • Workshops with visiting guest playwrights (recent guests have included Adam Chanzit, Anne Garcia-Romero, Cynthia Gates Fujikawa , Robert Greygrass-Owens, and Lynn Manning)
  • Close connection with a supportive faculty
  • A community of theatre students in acting, dance, technical theatre and theatre studies majors who work together and support one another
  • State-of-the-art facilities including a 475-seat proscenium theatre, a large acting studio with smart-classroom capacities, costume and prop stock, a black box studio theatre, two dance studios, and an outdoor amphitheater
Opportunities for participation in KCACTF (Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival).  Recent Theatre Studies graduates have won prestigious national and regional awards in the KCACTF Dramaturgy and Playwriting competitions.