Ghost Sonata Program Notes and Study Guide

by Ghost Sonata Dramaturg and Theatre Arts & Dance major Laura Millar
Sonoma State University, Fall 2013

Ghost Sonata, by August Strindberg

Synopsis (PDF)

A brief preview of the play and its characters.

Discussion Questions (PDF)

Discussion questions for The Ghost Sonata

August Strindberg's Haunted Life (PDF)

A short biography of The Ghost Sonata playwright.

Music for Ghosts: Sonatas On Stage (PDF)

The Ghost Sonata plays out in front of the audience like a piece of music.  Read here about how music theory influences the flow of the performance.

Listen to Inspiration:  Ludwig van Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Playwright August Strindberg was purportedly inspired by composer Beethoven's classic work of music.  Listen to this gorgeous piece (15 minutes) before or after reading the Sonatas essay above.

What Heaven and Hell Really Feel Like (PDF)

Strindberg was also strongly influenced by philosopher and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg.  Read here about Swedenborg's powerful and influential ideas about the afterlife.

Buddhism (PDF)

The Ghost Sonata incorporates fascinating ideas from Buddhism about reincarnation and the afterlife.  This essay helps explain these concepts.  From Theatre Arts & Dance major Rusty Thompson.


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