The Bluebird: Study Guide

By Alison Farina
Based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck
Sonoma State University, Fall 2016

Discussion Questions

For instructors to explore with their students after viewing the performance.

Discussion Questions (DOC)

Is Something Living Under the Table? 

from Danielle DawkinsThe Bluebird student dramaturg
In The Bluebird household objects come to life and everyday creatures can suddenly talk.  Check out this reading on household spirits and folk beliefs across Europe.

Bluebird Folklore: PDF

How Many Bluebirds are There?

Since it was first performed in 1911, The Bluebird has become a much beloved story, and has been adapted for film numerous times.  Check out these wildly different versions of Maeterlinck's crazy Christmas tale:

1918 silent version from French director MauriceTourneur (YouTube)

1940 version with Shirley Temple (YouTube)

1980 Japanese Anime TV series (YouTube)