GREAT DIVIDE by Adam Chanzit

Great Divide Sonoma State University Fall 2012
by Susan Cordero, "Great Divide" Cast & Dramaturgical Reseacher

Program Notes and Study Guide

  1. Great Divide Discussion Questions
    For instructors to explore with their students after viewing the performance.
  2. Fracking and the Great Divide (PDF)
    By student Susan Cordero.
    This article gives real-world context for the controversy over "fracking" that lies at the heart of The Great Divide. "Fracking" is a term for hydraulic fracturing, a process for extracting oil and natural gas, and the town where The Great Divide is set is divided over whether to keep the fracking industry in their town or not.
  3. Katherine Stockman: An Enemy of the People? (PDF)
    By student Susan Cordero.
    The Great Divide is a contemporary adaptation of the classic nineteenth-century drama An Enemy of the People by Henrik Ibsen. This article explores the similarity and differences between the old and new versions, and shows how old stories can still speak to us today.