She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen

by Lauren Luedtke, She Kills Monsters Dramaturg
Sonoma State University, Spring 2014

Academic Study Guide

“The Magnificent World of Dungeons & Dragons: 
The Game, Its Creation, and Its Players” by Lauren Luedtke (PDF)

What in the world is Dungeons & Dragons?  This classic role-playing game is the major inspiration for the story of She Kills Monsters.  This article by SSU dramaturg Lauren Luedtke gives a friendly overview of what the game is and how it is played.

Meet the Playwright:

"Qui Nguyen:  His genre-bending shows are rock-'em-sock-'em mash notes to pop culture" by Michael Criscuolo

She Kills Monsters was written by Qui Nguyen (pronounced "kwee gwen"), one of the hottest playwrights on the downtown scene in New York City.  Click this link to discover this writer's passion for outsider stories and geek culture. Click Here.

“All I Needed to Know About Life I Learned from Dungeons & Dragons”
by Ethan Gilsdorf

What makes Dungeons & Dragons so attractive to those who play it?  What defines a sub-culture? This article from reaches deep into the gaming world to draw larger conclusions about life in general. Click Here.

Interview with Fight Director John Sullins by Lauren Luedtke (PDF)

How do you chop someone's head off?  An interview with SSU Philosophy professor and She Kills Monsters fight choreographer John Sullins.

Successful Adventures and Sample D&D Dialogue by Gary Gygax (PDF)

The main Dungeons and Dragons rulebook is the Dungeon Master's Guide.  This link takes you to a key excerpt from the Advanced 1st Edition of The Dungeon Master's Guide, the version used by the characters in the play in the early 1990s, written by D&D creator Gary Gygax.  In it, Gygax describes the underlying spirit of adventure, fair play, and honor, and also provides sample dialogue of what a real D&D session might sound like.

“Habitation of the Stone Giant Lord” by G.J. Caesar

What does Tilly's module like?  Tilly's Dungeons & Dragons module, or scenario, is all that Agnes has left of her.  What does a D&D module actually look like? Professional modules are published by TSR, the makers of D&D, but gamers often write and draw their own. The module Tilly created and left behind is called “The Quest for the Lost Soul of Athens.”  This link takes you to an example of a real-life, homespun module created by a D&D gamer. Click Here.  

MONSTERS Glossary by Lauren Luedtke (PDF)

A quick, fun guide to some of the strange and fantastical creatures in the She Kills Monsters world.