BAD PENNY by Mac Wellman

Bad PennySonoma State University Fall 2012
by Celine Delcayre, SSU Theatre Arts Major; "Bad Penny" Dramaturg

Production Program

Artistic Team, Cast, and Crew (PDF)

Theatre Arts & Dance Faculty (PDF)

Theatre Arts & Dance Staff (PDF)

Director's Notes (PDF)

Program Notes and Study Guide

  1. Bad Penny Discussion Questions
    For instructors to explore with their students after viewing the performance.
  2. The Greek Chorus Dynamic in Ancient and Contemporary Theatre (PDF)
    By student Celine Delcayre.
    Bad Penny uses a time-honored theatrical device: the Chorus. An article discussing the dramatic function of the chorus in theatre from its roots in ancient Greece, through its evolution into contemporary theatre.
  3. Site Specific Performance (PDF)
    By student Celine Delcayre.
    Bad Penny is a “site-specific” play, or a play produced in a special real-world setting outside a traditional theatre. This article is a discussion about site-specific theatre versus traditional theatre (or “theatre-in-a-box”), and how each method creates and contributes to the performance experience.
  4. Water in Myth and Religion (PDF)
    By William Waterway.
    An article about the ways in which water has played into myth, religion, and tradition across the human race. From Water Matters: Why We Need to Act Now to Save Our Most Critical Resource by Tara Lohan.
  5. Ideology, Magic and Spectres: Towards a Cultural Analysis of Water Use (PDF)
    By José Ángel Bergua Amores.
    A fascinating and imaginative article that describes ways in which water affects us culturally and socially, particularly as a cultural tool for purification, sanitation, and physical well-being.
  6. Figure of Speech (PDF)
    An interview with the playwright, Mac Wellman, as he discusses everything from political theatre to linguistics and his thoughts on the use of language in contemporary society.
  7. Material Civilization: Things and Society (PDF)
    By Tim Dant
    Bad Penny’s characters have an obsession with things and their material presence in our lives and beyond. This article is an examination of the material aspects of the human lifestyle and how they shape our view of the world. Though some of the article can be dense, we recommend pp.299-303 as an accessible and fascinating discussion of material objects in our lives.
  8. Symbolism in Every Day Objects (PDF)
    By Celine Delcarye