Blur Program Notes and Study Guide

by Blur Dramaturg and Theatre Arts & Dance major Serena Kamlani
Sonoma State University, Fall 2013

Blur, by Melanie Marnich

Synopsis (PDF)

A brief preview of the play and its characters.

Interview with Playwright Melanie Marnich (PDF)

Playwright Melanie Marnich has written extensively for both theater and television.  SSU Dramaturg Serena Kamlani interviewed her about our production of Blur.

How Time Works in Blur (PDF)

Blur is play where time behaves differently than in some more traditional plays.  This brief note explores the ticks of Blur's own particular kind of clock.

Father O.O.'s Saints (PDF)

The character of Father O. O'Hara experiences a crisis of faith when faced with Dot's condition.  Here is a pantheon of saints that he mentions during the play, and whose own stories seem to speak to the stories of the characters in the play.

Leber's Optic Atrophy (PDF)

Explore the science and symptoms of Dot's particular condition and find out how it causes her to lose her sight.