MR. BURNS A Post-Electric Play

October 31 - November 4, 2018
Evert B. Person Theatre
Play and Lyrics by Anne Washburn
Score by Michael Friedman
Directed by Alexis Macnab

An event has destroyed all US nuclear power plants and collapsed the electric grid. In the post-doomsday wasteland, ragged bands of survivors gather together for protection. Trying to forget how scared they are, they speak of anything but the tragedy, conjuring up memories of old Tv shows, pop culture, cartoons. When someone (mis)remembers a Simpsons episode (you’ll want to re-watch “Cape Feare” S5 E2), a new performance ritual is born. Mr. Burns is a bizarre, funny, bleak, and wonderful exploration of the power of storytelling and the origins of civilization.

“Comic wellsprings notwithstanding… Washburn's darker purpose is to explore our desperate need for storytelling — and theater in particular — as a structuring principle at the core of civilization.”
- Los Angeles Times

“You’re likely to feel both exhausted and exhilarated from all the layers of time and thought you’ve traveled through…”
- The New York Times

“A fascinating thought experiment…investigating the fragility of memory and the terrifying prospect of coping with a large-scale disaster…through third or fourth-hand spoken accounts of dubious reliability.” - Australia’s LIMELIGHT

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How Does a Story Stand the Test of Time

By Dani Dawkins, dramaturg for Mr. Burns


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Mr. Burns
Person Theatre
Mr. Burns
Person Theatre
Mr. Burns - FFN
Person Theatre
Mr. Burns - Alumni Reception
Person Theatre
Mr. Burns
Person Theatre