The Copeland Creek Project / A Theatrical Journey

Bad PennyDirected by Mark Valdez / Dramaturgy by Scott Horstein
Greg Sarris / Writing Consultant
Created by the students of the Advanced Acting and Technical Programs

New works from professional guest choreographers and faculty, some taking inspiration from the "Water Works" theme. This interview-based ensemble piece, created with the Acting and Technical students of the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance, will explore the stories of communities that live and have lived along Copeland Creek -- asking how the creek has shaped the community and how the community has shaped the creek. Copeland Creek begins its course on Mount Sonoma and runs down the mountain through the Sonoma State University campus on its way to the Laguna de Santa Rosa and the sea.

April 24 to May 2, 2013
A site-specific performance along Copeland Creek as it runs through the SSU campus, just north of the University Lakes.