Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel

Bad Penny

Directed by Stephanie Hunt

Ever been to a really TWISTED party?

August, 1936.  The pagan harvest bonfires burn in the hills above Ballybeg, a small village in Donegal County Ireland.  In their modest rural kitchen, five fierce proud sisters, the unmarried Mundy sisters, erupt into a passionate dance of longing and frustration to the music on their new and only luxury, a radio.  Michael, the seven-year-old love child of the youngest sister, observes his mother and aunts, and as an adult narrator, remembers them for the audience.  Michael recalls this time when his family was on the brink of irreversible change soon to come when homecomings and unexpected departures are to transform their lives forever.  Dancing at Lughnasa is an award-winning drama by Ireland’s greatest living playwright, Brian Friel.

“Friel’s enormous accomplishment in Dancing at Lughnasa is to flush out from the humdrum struggles of daily life a sense of wonder and to make the sacramental felt.”   - John Lahr, Vogue Magazine Interview

The play depicts “the collision of the pagan and the Christian spirit as it struggles to celebrate the miracle of life amid enormous impoverishment.” - John Lahr review, Vogue Magazine Interview

October 9-17, 2009
Evert B. Person Theatre