Heart of a Dog

Bad Penny

Adapted by Frank Galati from Mikhail Bugakov
Directed by Judy Navas

Heart of A Dog is a very imaginative Sci-Fi comedy written just after the Russian Revolution. 

Professor Preobrajansky, an innovative medical practitioner who specializes in sexual rejuvenation (by organ implantation) battles with the management committee of his apartment house —who want the Professor to give up some of his many rooms. But when the professor takes in a stray dog, Sharik, and transplants human testes and a pituitary gland into his scrawny body, his troubles begin to multiply. Sharik not only learns to walk upright and talk, but becomes "Comrade Sharikov," the head of the Moscow Communal Property Administration in charge of exterminating homeless cats. He turns the life in the professor's house into a nightmare until the professor reverses the procedure.

November 14-22, 2008
Evert B. Person Theatre