The Imaginary Invalid

Bad Penny

A COMIC FARCE by Molière
Directed by Paul Draper

Eccentric and very rich Argan, a self-centered hypochondriac preoccupied with body functions, will do anything to defeat his fear of dying—including marrying his daughter Angelique to an idiot man-boy whose main qualifications are that he is in Med School, his father is a doctor and his uncle’s a pharmacist.  Witty, wily servant Toinette creates a series of outrageous tricks and disguises that force Argan to accept that his greedy second wife is scheming for his money, and to see that Angelique truly loves him. The Imaginary Invalid targets medical quacks and unfaithful wives —while skewering those who imagine they are sick at the expense of others

March 19-27, 2010
Evert B. Person Theatre