Evert B. Person Endowment

Performing Arts Scholarships at Sonoma State University

The Performing Arts Department offers scholarships to Music and Theatre Arts Majors who show exceptional talent. The Scholarship is entirely separate from the University Scholarship program. University awards are open only to students with GPAs of 3.5 or higher. A good GPA is also necessary for Performing Arts Scholarships too, but artistic talent is an important factor. Scholarships are given for demonstrated ability in most facets of the performing arts. They are likely to range in size from $500 to $2500.

The Evert B. Person Endowment Fund

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Evert B. Person, the Performing Arts Departments at Sonoma State are able to offer generous scholarship assistance to many of our students. The Person Scholarships are awarded on the basis of talent and potential to students who audition successfully and who are majoring in either Theatre Arts or Music.

The Person Scholarships take a variety of forms:

  • Individual talent scholarships in Acting, Dance, Design or Music
  • Support for private instruction in Theatre, Dance or Music
  • Support for studio lessons in voice and instrumental music
  • Workshop Scholarships - support for students to attend intensive workshops given by various guest artists

Most of the Person Scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis, but we do offer a few students two- or four-year scholarships on the basis of their perceived potential as music and theatre artists. Some students are awarded more than one kind of scholarship-for example, a regular scholarship and a technical theatre scholarship.

First-time freshmen and students transferring from other schools are urged to apply for these scholarships. Please call us to obtain more information about applications and auditions for the Person Scholarships. Person Scholarships are reserved exclusively for declared Performing Arts students, with winners selected by the Performing Arts faculty. Students awarded Person Scholarships may also be eligible for other SSU scholarships and for a variety of forms of financial aid as well.

In addition to scholarships, the Person Fund allows us to support our students by bringing to SSU a variety of guest artists: master teachers, individual performers and performing groups, professional designers for productions. We also use funds from the Person Endowment to augment regular faculty with resident guest artists who work with students for a semester or more.

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