Kristen Daley

Michael Hagen

Piano Technician II
Center for Performing Arts

Office Location: GMC 2041
Office Phone:(707) 664-2324
E-mail Address:





What I Do at SSU

As the School of Performing arts staff piano technician I have more than 50 pianos to service on a regular basis. From the student’s practice room pianos, the Dance Studios, Music Department performances and Person Theatre events. Over the years this included visiting artists and all of the past Green Music Festival events. Over the 25 years I have worked here, I have restrung and put new hammers on over 6 pianos, and have installed complete new actions for the Music Departments two Steinway grand pianos. I have developed a database which tracks when each piano has been tuned and when it’s due for another tuning.  

My Bio

My involvement with pianos began with lessons at 11 years old. I attended Sacramento State University for a couple years until moving to Sonoma County in 1972, and continued my education at SSU full &  part time from 1972-6 as a Music Major. While in school, I played piano professionally in several groups, primarily in the Country Rock and Rock & Roll genre. By the time I ended my professional career, in 1988, I’d played many clubs and had opened for such groups as Hank Williams Jr., Jesse Colin Young, Etta James and others. In 1974 after several years of self-learning about piano tuning and repair, I was fortunate to become an apprentice to a piano tuner. We rebuilt pianos for 8 years at the local Yamaha piano dealership, where I continued to work for a total of 17 years servicing new and used pianos. In 1996 (through 2004), I opened my own piano store as the Kawai dealer in Sonoma County. In 1998, I was hired as the staff piano technician for the School of Performing arts, and have been here for 25 years. Today, I continue to service a private clientele of over 1500 and organizations such as the Wells Fargo Center, Santa Rosa Symphony and the Oakmont Concert Association.  After tuning a piano I often regale my clients by playing and singing songs I have composed, which range from very pretty ones to pretty corny ones!

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