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Priority 5 Priority 6 Staff Training Application

TRIO Training Staff

Priority 5 Faculty

Matt Benney Mr. Matt Benney, former Assoc. VP for Student Affairs (Retired), Sonoma State University.
Previousloy, Priorities 5 and 6 TRIO Training Principal Investigator and TRIO Trainer with 30 years TRIO experience. Expertise includes Higher Education Opportunity Act, EDGAR, Uniform Guidance, budgeting, program management, and institutional relations.
Ping Chan Ms. Ping Chan, Director of Upward Bound (Retired), University of California, Davis.
TRIO Trainer for 8 with 42 years of TRIO experience.
Deltha Colvin Ms. Deltha Q. Colvin, Wichita State University, Assoc. VP for Special Programs/Instructor, Supervises 9 TRIO progams, 1 state-wide GEAR UP, and 2 partnership GEAR-UP programs.
TRIO Trainer for 33 years and an amazing 54 years in TRIO, expert on the law and regulations, institutional relations, program management, and needs assessment.
Philip Dirks Mr. Phillip Dirks, Portland State University, Director TS and UB.
TRIO Trainer for 21 years with 32 years in TRIO, expert on longitudinal tracking of students into college, recruitment, workforce development, project-based learning, and evaluation.
David Ferguson

Mr. David Ferguson, Director of the Priorities 1, 2, and 5 TRIO Training at Sonoma State University, and retired Director of 3 UBs at Calif. State University, Chico.

TRIO Trainer for 36 years and 39 years in TRIO, expert in TRIO regulations, career and work experience programs, and English language learner programs.
Kyrstie Lane, Calif. State Uniuversity, Monterey Bay, Associate Director of Student Support Services and Student Support Services STEM.
TRIO Trainer for 1 year with 6 years dedicated to TRIO, expert on SSS and SSS and oversight of pre-college projects.
Jorge Lupercia Mr. Jorge Lupercio, Calif. State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Coordinator, Upward Bound Math/Science.


TRIO Trainer for 5 years and 22 years in TRIO. Training Information Technology Specialist.
Paula Martin Ms. Paula J. Martin, Executive Director Harlem Center for Education and Director TS, PI for EOC, and 4 state programs that are connected to TRIO.
TRIO Trainer for 36 years with 48 years dedicated to TRIO, expert on ETS and EOC, regulations, program management, needs assessment, and record keeping.
Gregory Martinez, Director, Center for Multicultural and Educational Opportunity, Boise State University,
TRIO Trainer for 1 year with 26 years dedicated to TRIO, expert on McN and SSS and oversight of pre-college projects.
Dr. Ricardo Quintera Dr. Ricardo Quintero, Calif. State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Executive Director Pre-College Programs.
He has 10 years as a TRIO Trainer with 28 years of TRIO experience, also a Reading Computer Lab Coordinator for Los Angeles Unified School District for 8 years, and expert on language proficient students and disconnected youth.

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