Our Program History

Over the years, our department name has changed. Once called Pre-College Programs(PCP) and University Support & Preparation Services, Upward Bound programs are now under the deparment PreCollege Programs(PCP) and Academic Talent Search is now under Early Academic Outreach(EAO).

The U.S. Department of Education requires us to keep track of our prior program participants (Program Alumni) for a mininum of six years after high school graduation, we appreciate your help in updating our records. Please click on the program link below of the program(s) you participated in and complete a brief survey for our records.

TRIO Programs
Program Operating Years
Academic Talent Search-ATS ( formerly Talent Search-TS or College Bound-CB) 1988-present
Upward Bound Sonoma County-UBSC (formerly Upward Bound-UB) 1988-present
Upward Bound Math Science-UBMS 1992-present
Upward Bound North-UBN 2007-present
Upward Bound Lower Lake-UBL 2007-present
Upward Bound Upper Lake-UBU 2013-present


Other Programs
Program Operating Years
3-1-3 Program 1994-2003
Precollegiate Academic Development-PAD 1997-2003
Literacy Academic Mentoring Program-LAMP 1999-2001
Gaining Early Awareness & Readiness for Undergraduate Programs-GEAR UP 2000-2006
Academic Volunteer & Mentor Service Program-AVMSP 2001-2003
College Assistance Migrant Program-CAMP 2002-2007
Early Assessment Program-EAP 2003-present
National Youth Sports Program-NYSP 2003-2005
Financial Aid Awareness Outreach-FAAO 2003-2006
Girl's Sports Clinic-GSC 2004-2005
University Transistion Academy-UTA 2004-2006
National Council for Community & Education Partnerships-NCCEP 2006-2007
Parent Institiute for Quality Education-PIQE 2006-2009
Math Excecellence Through Education Opportunity & Rigor-METEOR 2009-2011