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August 10, 2011

Math Excellence Through Education, Opportunity, and Rigor cal_poly

The METEOR program has been discontinued. Susan Wandling, Director of Early Academic Outreach in the SAEM Division, received notification this summer that the U.S. Department of Education cut support for all thirteen Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) programs in the United States, effective September 30 – two years earlier than the scheduled closing of the grant.

Since October 2009, this program served a cohort of eighty female students in Sonoma County who are now enrolling in 10th grade this Fall.

The final METEOR activity was the week-long Algebra II Camp at California Polytechnic State University in early August. Students attended intensive hands-on workshops, stayed in the Cal Poly dorms, received graphing calculators, toured campus, and visited Monterey Bay Aquarium on the return trip. The program has offered numerous activities including tutoring, science field trips, and campus tours to motivate and encourage young women's interest in STEM college majoMETEOR hikers and careers.

Wandling stated that program participants, their families, and program partners have been notified. "Our students are very disappointed to lose this support. They have not only been awakened to education and career opportunities, but they have also grown into a close, supportive cohort of students." While METEOR staff seek other resources for funding, the students have been invited to apply to other college preparation programs at SSU, such as Academic Talent Search and Upward Bound.

Susan Wandling
Director, Early Academic Outreach
Academic Talent Search & METEOR
Sonoma State University
(707) 664-3122

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October 2010

METEOR Centers are open! Take advantage of this valuable resource! Our mentors are screened carefully for their expertise and enthusiasm for math, and they attend training each month in order to stay current and informed. They have demonstrated a sincere commitment to serving our METEOR students. Please click here to see the fall schedule for tutoring at your school! Days may be added as demand for services increases.

Our 2010/11 METEOR Activities Calendar is being developed. Check our calendar link to find out what plans are in progress!

The Summer GeoClinic was a wildly popular, high-impact week of learning and fun! You will hear more about it in our next newsletter to be published in November. Here's a brief overview: Forty METEORites got a jump-start in Geometry when they stayed at the SSU campus the first week of August. How jam-packed was their week? Math workshops, team-building games, college readiness class, contests, campus tour, movie night, and field trips to San Francisco Academy of Sciences and Four Winds Teambuilding Course. The girls are still talking about and already looking forward to the Algebra II Clinic to take place next August at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo! Yes, we're looking forward to it too . . . .

Click here to view our most recent newsletter.

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