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Commencement 2009


Commencement is on Saturday, May 23 this year. As usual, there will be two ceremonies, one at 9 a.m., the other at 3 p.m.

Commencement is a day when our students celebrate with their friends and families. The success of the day depends entirely on the good work of employees of SSU; those people who interact with students throughout their years with us. Below are the expectations for staff employees on Commencement day.

All managers (MPP) are expected to work Commencement, for half days, either morning or afternoon. Preferences will be accommodated as much as possible. MPPs do not claim CTO or overtime due to their exempt status. MPPs who are unable to work Commencement should seek approval from their manager and let the commencement coordinator know as soon as possible.

Exempt staff (non-MPPs) are encouraged to work Commencement. Managers of exempt staff may authorize informal time off in accordance with staff bargaining contracts.

Volunteers (non-MPP, non-exempt) who wish to work at one or both of the ceremonies, should seek approval of their manager as CTO or overtime will be accrued.

Click here for the Commencement Day Staff Assignment Registration Form.

Sample Job Assignments

Assigned Seating

The Assigned Seating area has approximately 300 chairs in it and is roped off on all sides. There is one entrance. Within the area, there is a middle aisle heading in both directions (like a large cross) to allow movement. There is an area left open at the front of the section for wheelchairs. We allow a reasonable number of people to sit with the Assigned Seating person, at the discretion of the Guest Relations worker.


Disabled guests (if they pre-register) are invited to park in Lot G and are transported from that lot via three of the University’s electric carts to the turnaround at the back of the bookstore. An additional electric cart cruises parking lots and the campus offering rides to those who are having difficulty with mobility to the Commencement site.


Will help in one or various roles in setting up and maintaining campus facilities throughout the day. Sample of jobs include setup chair seating areas, rope off seating areas, setup program, first aid, and information tables and chairs, setting up directional signage, provide lake safety patrol for both ceremonies

Food Booth

The Food Booth worker preps and serves food and beverages and interacts in a friendly, professional way with the customers

Grad Seating

There are three main areas of responsibility: oversee the seating of graduates through counting, and seating to maintain a smooth flow; crowd control to maintain appropriate area for graduates and to allow for late graduate arrivals; work with the General Marshals in directing and counting the number of graduates into each row.


Serve as the eyes and ears of the University in the crowd in the case of any emergency. Keep pathways clear for the processional and recessional. Monitor the back of the bleachers and the two lakes for problems or issues. Be available to offer general directions and answer seating questions. Answer general questions among the visitors about SSU, the Academic Schools and the traditions of Commencement.

Crowd Control Monitor

Crowd control monitors work with the guests. They direct guests to the commencement site, provide information, relieve congestion in the processional/recessional areas. Monitors in congested areas should work with public safety to clear the pathway between the SU and the Commons. They assist in placing programs on the graduate and platform seating prior to the ceremonies. Crowd control monitors assist in keeping pathways clear for the processional and recessional.

Faculty Lineup Monitor

Faculty line monitors will help faculty line for the ceremonies.
And keep general public out of line up area.
Pick up school, general, faculty batons from Sign-In table and bring to Faculty Line up area. Monitor distribution of batons to school, faculty and general marshals prior to start of ceremony.

Graduate Lineup Monitor

Graduate line monitors will help direct the graduates to line up in appropriate schools and hand out WHITE cards as soon as possible. Students should clearly print their name and e-mail address on the white card. All Master’s are in front of school, Bachelors follow.

Every graduate must fill out and hold on to it to hand to the reader when they receive their diploma. This is the name the reader will announce to the audience and provides the mailing address for their diploma. They should be instructed to PRINT CLEARLY and to spell their name phonetically beneath if it is foreign or hard to pronounce.

Information Table

Those working at the information table provide Lost and Found during ceremonies, maintain “message” board where guests/students can leave messages, provide information to guests, and direct guests to appropriate seating areas

Program Table

Those working at the program table pass out programs to guests and provide information to them.

Employee Sign-In Table

Oversee sign-in and sign-out sheet of Commencement workers. Provide badges and vests to workers when they sign in to work and collect badges and vests from workers when they sign out (you must indicate on the sign in sheet that you received the badge and vest). Sign in table staff will check in the worker’s badge, vest and hand out the lunch tickets. A lunch ticket is needed to get into the Commons for lunch. Badges will not get workers into lunch.