Staff Volunteers

We need your participation and help on Commencement day to help make this event memorable for the class of 2014.

All managers (MPP) are required to work Commencement day.

Exempt staff (non-MPPs) are encouraged to work Commencement. Managers of exempt staff may authorize informal time off in accordance with staff bargaining contracts. Exempt staff should email their job preference to no later than Friday, March 28.

Volunteers (non-MPP, non-exempt) who wish to work at one or both of the ceremonies, should seek approval of their manager as CTO or overtime will be accrued, then email job preference, if any, to no later Friday, March 28.

Commencement is a special day when our students celebrate their achievements with friends and family. The success of the day depends entirely on the team work of SSU employees; those people who interact and support students throughout their years with us.

Staff will be contacted with more information about assignments by Commencement team coordinators. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to help answer questions for you.

We know you have a lot to do and we want to help you in planning being part of Commencement day.

Thank you.

Andrea Rodriguez-Jereb
University Affairs Division