Marketing & Communications


Branding creates the type and quality of experience students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, and the public have when they think of Sonoma State University. It defines what immediately comes to mind. This is known as brand experience, and the brand image is its symbolic construct. The art of creating and maintaining a brand is called brand management. Effective branding of Sonoma State University will convey the ideals of cultural, artistic, and academic excellence as embodied in the University mission statement.

The Sonoma State identity integrates all elements of the University's graphic design and their application to print, interactive and broadcast media, environmental graphics, and all other forms of media and collateral materials.

Consistency is the key to effective brand building and maintenance. A consistent visual identity unifies an organization such as our University and presents a memorable and stable public face. Inconsistency can compromise the integrity of our brand and weaken the University's public image.

The purpose of this forthcoming publication is to help establish and maintain visual consistency, which in turn supports a strong sense of identity and excellence for Sonoma State University. Following these standards will help us build and maintain the University's brand image in a diverse marketplace of academic brands.

Please help us achieve the University's branding goals by implementing these proper styles into each document you create that uses the Sonoma State University name and/or images.