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Food Service and Sales

Recommended By: Administration and Finance
Ruben Armiñana, President
Date of Original Issue: September 6, 1985
(revised 11-15-99)
Current Issue Date: December 21. 2007
Effective Date: December 21, 2007
Contact Office: Office of Environmental Health & Safety

Policy #2007-5

    1. The purpose of the Campus Food Service and Sales Policy is to ensure that food offered to the public meets all State and University requirements for preparation, handling, and distribution.
    1. The following definitions are excerpts from the California Health and Safety Code where cited
    1. “Food" is any raw or processed edible substance, ice, beverage, an ingredients used or intended to be used for use or for sale in whole or in part for human consumption, and chewing gum (H&S Code Division 104, Part 7 Ch. 1, Section 113781).
    2. “ nonpotentially hazardous food”.  This means food that has been shown not to support the rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms that may cause food infections or food intoxications or the growth and toxin production of Clostridium botulinum, and that does not show signs of spoiling, becoming rancid or developing objectionable odors during storage at ambient temperatures.  No food that has exceeded the label shelf date recommended by the manufacturer shall be deemed to be nonpotentially hazardous.
    3. “Potentially Hazardous Food” is defined as food capable of (1) supporting rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms that may cause food infections or food intoxications, or (2) supporting the growth or toxin production of Clostridium botulinum (H&S Code Division 104, Part 7 Ch. 1, Section 113871).
    4. “Food Facility” means an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends, or otherwise provides food for human consumption at the retail level, whether the food is consumed on or off site or if there is a charge or not (H&S Code Division 104, Part 7 Ch. 1, Section 113789).
    5.  “Approved” food facility means acceptable to the Sonoma County Health Department based on a determination of conformity with applicable laws or in the absence of applicable laws, current public health principles, practices and generally recognized industry standards that protect public health (H&S Code Division 104, Part 7 Ch. 1, Section 113734).
    6. “Permit," means a written authorization to operate issued by a local enforcement officer (H&S Code Division 104, Part 7 Ch. 1, Section 113851).
    7. “Certification" means a food sanitation education program approved by the Sonoma County Health Department .
    8. “Food Handler” is defined as any person(s) working in a Food Facility who engages in food preparation or who comes in contact with any food, utensil or equipment.
    9. “Potluck” is defined as a private (not open to the general public) gathering in which the attendees contribute snacks or food dishes.
    1. Any entity, person or organization involved in food preparation, sales or distribution will be required to comply with all laws under the California Health and Safety Codes.  All excerpts cited in this policy and the complete code is available online at and through the County of Sonoma Department of Health Services.
    2. Food service may only be provided to the campus community by the University food contractor(s).  Coffee and potluck food provided by individuals within a department, school, division, or student organization for the private offering and convenience of faculty, staff and students is exempt from this policy. 
    3. Events with food service must abide by the following:
      1. The area surrounding the food service must be kept clean at all times and left in clean condition at the conclusion of day’s service.
      2. Adequate trash cans and recycling containers (for used beverage containers) must be provided for waste materials and requested a minimum of five days prior to the event.
      3. Organizations that fail to return the site to its original clean condition or provide recycling containers will be assessed a service charge.
    1. The California State Health & Safety Code, enforced by Sonoma County Environmental Health allows for the following:
    1. Club Food Sales – Chartered student organizations, in order to raise funds in support of their programs or to provide food as an integral part of an organization event, may be granted a reasonable number of approvals to sell or dispense food on campus, provided the specific health and safety regulations listed below are followed. 
      1. Food Sales are limited to non-potentially hazardous, individually commercially prepackaged, “nonperishable foods.”  No home preparation or storage is allowed.
      2. Food distributed or sold on the Campus must be in compliance with any agreements between Sonoma State University or designee and contracted manufacturers.
      3. No unpackaged food that has been served to any person or returned from any eating area shall be served again or used in the preparation of other food.
      4. No food prepared or stored in a private home shall be used, stored, served, offered for sale, sold, or given away in a food facility or any other location on campus except as previously exempted.
      1. Approved Locations: Food sales in conjunction with a University approved student event shall be located in areas and during periods of time designated by the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service. Food may only be distributed from a Sonoma County Health department approved Temporary Food Facility.
      2. Procedure:  Approval and process will be determined by the Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service and Conferences, Events and Catering.
    2. Children’s School – All meal services provided to the children who are enrolled in the School will have at least one Certified Food Handler present during food preparation and distribution.
    1. Approved Location: Children's School
    2. Procedure:  Scheduled in accordance with operation hours of the Children’s School.  All food sales or service must be in compliance with the Child/Adult Care Food Program (CACFE) and State Social Services Community Care Licensing.
    1. All food facilities or venues on campus are required to post the appropriate county permit approving food distribution or sales in a conspicuous place during operation.  Periodically the County of Sonoma – Department of Health Services, or their designee will make spot checks of food sales or service to ensure that all health provisions are being followed.

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