Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Major Requirements

Sonoma State University requires passing the Written English Proficiency Test (WEPT) by the second semester of the junior year and completion of 9 units of upper division GE classes. A total of 120 units (including transfer units) are needed to complete the Bachelor of.Arts degree (50 Upper Division Units).

Arts & Humanities - 16 Units

Art, Art History, American Multicultural studies, English, Chicano and Latino Studies, Native American Studies, Philosophy

Behavioral Sciences - 16 Units

Anthropology, Environmental Studies and Planning, Geography, Gerontology, History, Human Development, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies

Physical Sciences - 6 Units

Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics

Electives - 12 Units

These courses can be taken from the listed disciplines or in consultation with the program advisor.