Article Summary

Kin 350- Biomechanics

Learning Objectives

On completion of this lab students will be able to:


1) Find an article and show it to me to be approved and stamped.

Your summaries should be concise and to the point (500-700 words for the article summary). Summaries must be typed and double spaced for full credit. The article should be either

            a) a biomechanical analysis of a movement or

            b) an Electromyographic (EMG) analysis of a movement.

            d) an anatomical analysis of a movement

            e) a combination of the biomechanics and/or EMG and/or anatomcal kinesiology

Your summary should include the following categories with these headings:

1) Purpose:      A) of the movement                                            

                        B) of the analysis in the article

2) Methods                                                          

3) Results

4) Conclusions (Theirs and yours)

5) Reference the article and include a copy of the article itself with your report.


Article Summary: 3 pts for each of the 5 sections totalling 15 pts.


Biomechanics Journals in our Library:

Athletic Journal

Journal of Applied Biomechanics (Formerly Int. J. of Biomechanics)

Physician and Sports Medicine

Research Quaterly


Scientific American

Sports Medicine

Other available journals:

American Journal of Physcial Medicine and Rehabiliation

American Journal of Physical Medicine

Industrial Engineering

Journal of Biomechanics

Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery

Journal of Health and Physical Education

Journal of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Journal of Human Movement Studies

Research Quarterly

Occupational Health Safety

International Journal of Sports Biomechanics ( Became Journal of Applied Biomechanics)

You can also use a Journal from the internet but it:

1) Must have references at the end of the arcticle

2) Must be written by a person with stated credentials.

3) Must be dated.

Any article used for this assignment must have my prior approval.