Anatomy Review

Learning Objectives

On completion of this lab students will be able to:

·      explain the muscle(s) used during a particular movement,

·      describe how resistance forces affect muscle force production and type of muscular contraction.


1)Name 2 exercises that will exercise these muscles and indicate where the resistance force has to be to exercise these muscles.  Draw a small picture for clarification.

2)Explain the action at the joint (flex/extend etc.)

3)Explain what type of contraction (concentric/eccentric) occurs during each joint action


Biceps Brachii-elbow flexion concentric, elbow extension eccentric

Exer: bicep curls, seated row


Triceps Brachii- elbow extension concentric, elbow flexion eccentric

Exer: tricep curls, bench press


Trapezius- shoulder elevation- concentric,  shoulder depression eccentric

Exer: shoulder shrugs, lateral arm raises (abduction/adduction)


Deltoids- shoulder abduction concentric, shoulder adduction eccentric

Exer: upright butterfly, overhead shoulder press


Hamstrings- knee flexion concentric, knee extension eccentric

Exer: prone leg curls, hip extension


Quadriceps- knee extension concentric, knee flexion eccentric

Exer: squats, seated leg extension


Gluteals- hip hyper-extension concentric, hip flexion eccentric

Exer: squats, seated leg press


Abdominals- trunk flexion concentric, trunk hyper-extension eccentric

Exer: crunches, seated abdominal machine


Erector Spinae- trunk hyper-extension concentric, trunk flexion eccentric

Exer: seated back extension, prone trunk raises


Tibialis Anterior- dorsiflexion against resistance concentric, plantar flexion eccentric. Exer: dorsiflexion against towel or bungee cord


Gastrocnemius- plantar flexion concentric, dorsiflexion eccentric

Exer: ankle raises, ankle extension on seated leg press machine.


Latissumus Dorsi- horizontal abduction (from horizontal adduction) concentric, reverse eccentric or Shoulder hyperextension- concentric, extension eccentric. Exer: lateral pull downs ( universal), pull ups


Pectoralis- horizontal adduction (from abducted position) concentric, horizontal abduction eccentric. Exer: supine bench press, supine chest press